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Itís a busy Monday morning at your practice.  Three emergencies have called.  Two patients just completed a full series of x-rays with your great new digital x-ray system.  Twelve changes have been logged into the scheduling system.  Things are really rolling.  Your front desk staff person comes to you with tears in her eyes to tell you that your file server just quit, and wonít come back on.  What do you do?

Of course you followed your computer expertís advice and got a fancy server with a redundant hard drive, so you know your data is safe.  The problem is your server is off with the ďsafeĒ data trapped inside.  Now you canít take x-rays, you canít schedule appointments, and your other essential computer functions are on hold until the server is repaired.  Spare parts will need to be ordered and time will pass waiting for them and the repair staff to arrive.  What if you had a simple way to  transfer the up-to-date data sitting in your failed server, over to another machine that would instantly appear to your computer network identically the same as your main server did just a few minutes before?

Welcome to the ExpressPlan Gemini Dental Server System. ExpressPlanís Gemini Server System offers an affordable solution to server outages that can cripple a dental practice.  Without access to critical data the practice would have a difficult time functioning. 

The Gemini Dental Server System provides several layers of protection. 

  • RAID Mirrored Disk Drives - A dual disk drive server configuration where all data is written simultaneously to both the internal hard drive and a removable hard drive on the server.  Should one of the hard drives fail, the server will continue to operate and notify the operator that the failed drive needs to be replaced.  Once it is replaced it will be detected and duplicated from the functional drive and once again, the server will operate with two synchronized drives.
  • Virtual Redundant Server Ė A computer with a removable hard drive that is normally used by the practice to perform administrative functions and is capable of performing the role of data server when needed.  This computer also contains a removable hard drive that can be replaced with the data serverís removable drive.  This procedure can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes and the virtual redundant (spare) server can be used as the data server until the primary server can be repaired.
  • Quick end of day backup process - Because the server automatically duplicates the internal drive to the removable drive, the removable disk function as a backup device.  At the end of the day the removable drive is replaced with another removable drive.  The server will then copy the contents of the internal drive to the new removable drive and the recently removed drive can be taken offsite. 

With ExpressPlanís Gemini Dental Server System your practice will be automatically protected from loss of data or server hardware failure.  You will never have to worry about downtime due to loss of your server.

For further information please call ExpressPlan at 678-969-9989 or toll-free at 877-294-1211 or email us at sales@expressplan.com.

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