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Computer technology is quickly becoming prevalent in the dental clinical setting. Many years of careful thought and design expertise have culminated in an incredible variety of solutions.

These clinical tools are available to aid in patient communications, provide a better record of clinical procedures, document patient conditions, provide better visual tools for proper diagnosis, and allow for an organized storage medium for written and image data.

The choices are plentiful and the pitfalls can be vast. It is helpful to know that you have an expert team of advisors ready to assist you in customizing a plan to evolve your practice toward your technology goals.

No two practices are the same. However, after reviewing the needs of hundreds of practices, it is likely that we have already handled challenges that are similar to those that you are facing. If you are thinking of adding computers to your treatment rooms then you should be talking to us. We will review your operatory layout in detail and recommend the most functional solution for your unique requirements.

Clinical Technology Solutions

ExpressPlan offers solutions for Patient Education, Intraoral Cameras, Image Storage and Management, Image Printing and Digital Radiographs. All these solutions can co-exist and integrate with your practice management system of choice.Hl it Fit?

Space is at a premium in the Dental Operatory. ExpressPlan has developed the experience and supplier relationships to deliver a solution that will “fit” any treatment room challenge.

Computers, which are getting smaller and smaller, together with the latest flat screen LCD monitors and associated mounting options can provide elegantly workable solutions for your practice. Why do the experiments for yourself? Use ExpressPlan and benefit from what we have learned.

Let our experience be your guide.

Our experienced clinical technology consultants can analyze the unique requirements of your practice. We can help you develop and implement a technology integration plan that will satisfy your current and future needs.

ExpressPlan can provide a turnkey solution including name brand state-of-the art computer equipment, or provide the service of working with your hardware and equipment suppliers.

Contact us today for a no obligation technology assessment of your practice.

The time to begin your plan is now. Contact ExpressPlan and you will be starting right.


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