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Positioning your treatment room display.


The 3-o'clock monitor can be wall mounted or chair pole mounted.

BASIC-3 Position 

The monitor resides at the 3 o'clock position, either wall mounted or attached to the chair pole, using the ExpressPlan Multi-View Positioning system. In this solution, the patient has access to the monitor for chairside treatment planning, patient education, and multimedia capabilities (DVD and Music). The Basic-3 position is weak when the desired result is paperless charting or there are concerns with patient confidentiality.

Basic-12 Position

The monitor resides at the 12 o’clock position behind the patient giving the doctor and assistant full access to the system for charting, confidential record retrieval, and image capture. The Basic-12 position shortchanges the marketing aspects of the clinical PC.  Nothing on the computer is visible to the patient.  So the marketing advantages of charting, imaging (both x-ray and intraoral camera), treatment planning with co-diagnosis, etc are lost. The 12 o'clock monitor is necessary to preserve patient confidentiality. 

Basic-12 with TV

The challenge involves the best way to implement a patient monitor, in addition to the 12 o’clock clinician’s monitor.  Should the doctor already have a TV installed in the treatment room, the computer signal can be split and sent to the 12 o'clock display as well as the TV, by use of a scan converter.  Best results are obtained with TV's that include an S-Video input.  In this scenario, the TV is used for TV watching, patient education, or directly viewing intraoral camera images, while the confidential charting or scheduling activities take place on the 12 o'clock display.  The assistant can control when to display the computer material on the TV for the patient.  This would usually be imaging data, as the very small characters and symbols present in non-imaging dental computer applications become distorted when viewed on a low resolution display device (TV).

12/3 LCD Combination

The most functional operatory display layout is to include a 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock LCD driven by a special 2-monitor graphics adapter in the operatory PC.  The second monitor will automatically display patient education video material (Caesy), and under the control of the assistant, can display any other computer application such as the patient's treatment plan, restorative chart, perio chart, digital x-rays, intraoral x-rays, or cosmetic before and after simulations.  Since the image is displayed on the ExpressView Clinical LCD, the extra brightness and clarity far exceed the quality obtainable on a TV.  This 12/3 LCD Combination is the preferred choice for operatory display positioning.


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